Hello, my name is Aprylle, and I’m a (beauty product) addict.

I’ve tried hundreds of beauty products and will not rest until I find “the one.” I’m here to share my entire makeup drawer with you, in an effort to help you find that one product you can not live without- and save yourself the heartache of another used-once lipstick languishing in the back of the drawer.

Not all products reviewed are new releases, some are old standby’s in established cosmetic lines – which means at some point, a heavily made-up 20-something will try to sell it to you. She’ll gush about how great it is, and you’ll wonder if you’ll regret spending $42 on a foundation. Fret no more, and check out the reviews.

When a product makes my “love list,” it has to be special. Like, I’m going to memorize this shade and buy it for the next 20 years every time it runs out. And when it’s finally discontinued, I’ll stand around and make a 20-something sales girl swipe every product in the store on my hand till I find a match. I want to be the crazy lipstick lady, because true love beauty is out there, you just have to look for it.

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