Review of Dollar Shave Club

First off – it’s not $1, it’s $9, so let’s just get that out of the way. Yes, you can order 4 cartridges a month for $1, but it’s one of those skeevy little two-blade deals. No thanks. BUT! For $9 a month, you can get the executive package which comes with a sleek handle and 6-bladed cartridges. My mom was pretty geeked about her set, so she gifted me the Genius Bundle and here we are.

On to the review!

The initial product delivery comes in a handsome “wood” box, which is actually just a cardboard box wrapped in wood printed paper. Still, it seems fancy. Along with a shiny silver handle, I received 4 cartridges, a tube of Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter and Dr. Carver’s Post Shave Cream.

The “wood” box for the first delivery
The Genius Bundle
Executive handle has a pivoting head

The razor itself is nothing fancy, but it works very well on exfoliated skin. I mention this because I tried shaving without my standard pre-shave sugar scrub and my legs were a mess. However, a quick rub down with whatever you use to exfoliate and your legs will be silky smooth.

Another thing I love about the cartridges is that they’re not coated with that slimy pink goo that lady razors always have. After it’s irritated my skin, it always melts into my bathtub and then forms a weird hard crust when I come back a few days later. My dollar shave club cartridges have a green strip, but it doesn’t irritate my skin or stick to my bathtub.

So why bother with the Dollar Shave Club? Why not just buy cheap razors at the pharmacy? For one, the cost is fair and consistent. Unless you have a coupon or it’s on sale, most 3-4 count cartridges are $10-$24. Inevitably, I always run out of razors/cartridges when nothing is on sale and end up buying the 2nd to last cheapest thing I can find. Half the time, I end up with a shitty razor. At least with dollar shave club, I know I’m getting good blades that won’t slice up my skin.

Secondly – and this is purely psychological – I’m more likely to change my blade when I need to, because I know more are coming. There’s no saving a crusty blade because I’m almost out and don’t want to make a trip to the store or drop cash on new blades. I’ve committed to Dollar Shave Club, more blades will come, and I can relax. Also, I just replace my cartridge once a week, which means I only ever shave 3-4 times before replacing the blades. Again, I totally realize I could just buy more razors/blades at the store and just refresh my razor more often, but I don’t.

So what’s the bottom line? I think Dollar Shave Club if freaking great. It works, it’s straightforward, and my legs are smooth. If you don’t have a holy grail razor (I didn’t), and you need to change blades often (I do), I think you’ll dig it too.

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