How to cure sun/wind burned lips

Last spring on the first hot day, I bravely ventured outside to soak up  some vitamin D, all the while knowing my neighbors might call in a vampire sighting.

I wore sunscreen. I only stayed out for 30 minutes. But I forget SPF on my lips. They sizzled like bacon in a hot pan.

For weeks I had a lingering burn on my lip that just wouldn’t go away. I tried store bought aloe, but the alcohol that keeps the product from being sticky stung my already tender lip. I tried chapstick, cream, and moisturizer.

Finally, I brought it up at a doctors appointment . Here’s what he said:

Use Vaseline. You’ve got to keep the area moist until it heals. Apply several times a day.

Well hot damn. Sure enough, I applied it every night and about twice a day. In just a few days, my lips were good as new!

I’ve since used the same technique for a chemical burn (thanks Marc Jacobs gel lipstick), wind burn, and regular old dry lips. It works like a charm, and it’s probably already in your bathroom.

FWIW, I used the mini vaseline jar with a rose tint. Works great and cost less than $3.00. You’re welcome.

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