How to make curls last longer

Day One:

1. Wash and detangle hair

2. Apply a silicone based styling product and strong hold mousse. I like this and this. Please note- this is not the curly girl method. You really need the silicone to give curls lasting hold and shine.

3. Plop and diffuse as usual. Normally, you would only dry hair 80-90%. This time, dry to 100%. If you hold the curls in the diffuser and dry completely, they get more volume and last longer.

4. Here’s the trick! Bump up the curls with a curling wand. Pull out 5-10 curls that are loose or limp. Wrap the curl around a curling wand, following the curls natural pattern.



5. Apply hairspray generously.

6. In the evening, pineapple hair to protect and preserve curls. To pineapple: flip upside down and gather hair into a ponytail at the very top of your head. Secure with a scrunchy.


Day 2:

1. Pull out the scrunchy,shake out curls and gently twist in to place. If needed, add a little water to your hands, and smooth through hair. It will reactivate the styling product and calm any frizz.

On subsequent days, start wearing hair half up, low pony, and high bun. In other words- the longer it has been since you’ve washed, the more hair gets clipped up.

Using this method, I’ve gotten 5 days out of a blowout. I can usually get 3 days of curls (I use a side comb on day 3), and 2 days of up do’s. Although it’s a little more work (and heat exposure) on the first day, you’re going longer overall without styling.

Best of luck and enjoy a few more minutes of free time in the morning!

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