Review of Color Oops Hair Color Remover

During a recent, epic hair saga, I found myself making an appointment with a professional to get my hair “fixed.” The problem was that I had about 6 different shades of color on my hair, and at least one of them was too dark. I knew if I went into a salon with too dark hair, I had only a few options:

  1. Get highlights.
  2. Sit though color correction, which would likely involve bleach.

Since my hair was fried, I wanted to avoid bleaching. I also wanted to remove as much of the offending colors as possible.

Enter Color Oops.


Basically, it promises to shrink dye molecules, which are in turned rinsed away. I followed the package directions (mix, apply, wait, rinse), and rinsed like my life depended on it. Reviewers commented on the importance of rinsing for 30-40 minutes. Skipping this step allows remaining dye to re-oxidize and darken hair.

After it dried, it was clear that the worst of the dye had been removed. The highlights had returned (it doesn’t remove bleach), but not in full force. I had weird, orangey roots, and uneven color though out. Because I had used a permanent hair color (which lightens hair before depositing color) along the way, anything that had been previously lifted was returned to its bleached state. My hair didn’t really seem worse for wear, which was a huge relief.

I arrived at my stylist the next day with crazy colored hair and a long story. But the good news was that he was able to simple apply a demi-permanent color all over and achieve even color with natural looking variation. The bad news is that it is darker than I’d like. The process of removing color makes hair very porous, so despite using a much lighter color that normal, I still left with dark hair. But at least it’s even and shiny. I promised to leave my hair alone and booked an appointment 8 weeks out.

Bottom Line: It works. Most, but not all, color will be removed. Your hair might look crazy afterwards.  Be prepared to recolor with a lighter shade and shorter processing time or visit a professional.

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