Will Baking Soda remove hair dye?

During a recent series of bad decisions, I tried to cover up highlights and found myself with very dark, ashy brown hair. Since I would prefer a medium chestnut brown, this presented a problem. Do I wait till it fades? Bleach my hair? Or try to remove the color?

The terrible two.

A quick internet search yielded results suggesting that I use baking soda and Prell shampoo to remove the excess color. Unfortunately, recipes varied significantly. So I just dumped some baking soda in a bowl, mixed it with Prell shampoo and worked it through my hair. It immediately smelled of ammonia, which I figured was the smell of my hair color dying off. After rinsing, I didn’t see much difference.

So I tried it again.

And again.

And possibly one more time.

Did it work? No. My hair was maaayyybe a touch lighter. But it also felt like shit. Well, more like straw, but you get the idea. It took days to even remotely soften it up. It also lost all the shine that the hair color had deposited.

Now I know baking soda advocates are out there saying “You used too much!”, “Do an apple cider vinegar rinse!”, “Ph Balance your hair!”. All I have to say to them is “fuck off”.

Baking soda belongs in your kitchen. Not in your hair.

So what did I do? I used Color Oops. But that’s a story for another day.

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