Review and Swatches: Bite Beauty Sample Set in Bellini

My local Sephora had this little sample set from Bite Beauty available for 250 Beauty Insider Points. Usually, I’m pretty stingy in parting with my points, but I couldn’t resist the hot pink color.

Here’s the set:

Bite Beauty Sample Set in Bellini

It also came with a crappy little mirror (not pictured).

First, I tried the Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Bellini. It appears to be an exclusive color to this gift set, since I don’t see it listed on the website.

The application is smooth, the gloss itself is thick and imparts a substantial amount of color. It’s high shine, yet not super sticky. It wore off nicely in to a light pink stain.

Here is the gloss:

Bite Beauty Gloss in Bellini

Next is the Luminous Creme Lipstick in Bellini. Again, exclusive color. Applying this lipstick might be one of the most gratifying lipstick experiences I’ve ever had. The formula is intensely vibrant, super creamy, and easy to apply.

Here is the lipstick:

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Bellini

Bottom Line: Based on this experience, I might seriously consider Bite Beauty for all my lipstick  needs. It is absolutely one of the most pigment rich and well-formulated lipsticks in my arsenal. I could take or leave the lipgloss. It’s nice, but I don’t live and die by gloss.

If your Sephora happens to carry this set, I highly recommend parting with the points to pick it up. Otherwise, check out their display and see if a color suits your fancy. You won’t be disappointed.

Serving Suggestion: Pair with a hot pink blush like NARS Desire for a beautifully coordinated look.


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