“Where the F*** are all my bobby pins?!” Getting organized.

Despite the fact that I have no less than 100 bobbi pins, I can never seem to find one. Or, I pull out the one weird rusty one every time.

Maybe it’s because my hair drawer looks like this:


I decided it was time to take action. Follow along to get organized with me!

1. Empty all the contents of your drawer/bin. While you are doing this, immediately throw away, recycle, or create a “give away” bag of items you don’t like.

2. Sort hair items by type. Bobby pins, hair pins, mini-clips, and ties all go in to separate cups. I used clean play-dough cups, but you can use any small containers.

3. Repurpose a medium box/bin for larger hair items like claw clips. This keeps items from flying around the drawer.

4. Place all items back in drawer. Done! The whole project only took about 20 minutes, but already my mornings are easier.

Here’s the finished product:


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