Discount Bobbi Brown Haul

Believe it or not, there are cosmetic outlet stores out there, and one of them happens to be in my home state. The Cosmetic Company Store is a chain of outlet stores under the Simon Premium Outlet Groups. You can check for a store near you hereThe store carries brands owned by the Lauder Company, so you can expect to see Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, and more.

Although I always visit the Cosmetic Company Store on my way through town, I don’t always make a purchase. The stock is a limited selection, and they may not have the color/formula you are looking for. In addition, I avoid creams/lotions because I figure they are probably older stock and may not be full potency. But for color cosmetics, it can be a gold mine.

Here’s what I rounded up on a recent trip:


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Ballet Pink, $17.50 (reg. price $26)



Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Pink Oyster, $17.50 (reg. price $26)


Bobbi Brown Glitter Nail Polish in City Twilight, $10.50 (reg. price $15)


Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit in Porcelain, $24.50 (reg. price $35)

It’s worth mentioning that some of these items are no longer available on the Bobbi Brown website, so if you are looking for the latest collection of products, you won’t find it here. But if there was a holiday set you loved and wouldn’t mind buying now at a discount, it’s totally worth the trip!

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  1. Great haul! That cream shadow looks gorgeous<3 What a deal!


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