The only eyeliner I need

I own no less than 20 eyeliners in full sized, samples, pots, pencils, and felt-tips. I also wear eyeliner on near daily basis. So which one do I reach for almost every morning?

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eyeliner in Black Mauve Shimmer Ink. More Plum than Black, yet not vibrant enough to be purple, this shimmering shade brings out the green in my eyes, makes lashes look fuller, while still being soft enough for daytime use. In addition, the long wear truly holds up to it’s name- I’ve never had trouble with this liner fading during the day.

Black Mauve Shimmer Ink
Black Mauve Shimmer Ink

With a little bit of skill and an angled brush, you can easily create a tight line, a cat eye, or a smoky eye all with the same product. Versatility coupled with a flattering shade means I almost never have to reach for another product (unless I need true black).

Lined or Smudged, this product offers versatile wear
Lined or Smudged, this product offers versatile wear

There are several shimmer shades available in this collection; I would recommend choosing one based on your own eye color and skin tone.

Please note: There are several matte shades available; these seem try “dry out” in the pot, making application difficult.

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  1. V says:

    That’s a high recommendation. Will try 🙂


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