Review: OPI Infinite Shine 2

After 5 days of wear, minimal chipping on tips
After 5 days of wear, minimal chipping on tips

image imageOPI now offers an easy to apply nail lacquer that promises the shine and longevity of gel polish, without the UV lights or acetone soak-off. A 3-step system, it requires that you purchase a primer and top coat, in addition to your choice of  color.

I experienced this product at my local salon, as part of a professional manicure. The color I selected was very streaky with one coat, a touch uneven with two coats, and opaque with three. I’ve heard the other colors are not streaky at all.

As for the 10 day claim- it’s bullshit. However, I got 5 days out of this manicure with pretty minimal chipping. It’s absolutely a Monday through Friday option for those who don’t mind touching up the tips mid week.

The above photos were taken after 5 days of wear.

As you can see, it’s no gel manicure, but it’s better than regular polish, if you don’t mind the upfront cost (about $30) to purchase the system. If chipped nails are a deal breaker, pass on this set and get a shellac mani. But if you can live with a little imperfection, it’s one to consider.

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