Mommy Makeover with Mandy

Welcome to a Mommy Makeover post where we give a beautiful mom a few minutes of “me” time!

Todays model is my partner in crime (for some time now), Mandy.

She’s been my friend for over 11 years, ever since she bombed in on a conversation in history class, while I was flirting with some guy named Joe. I have no idea what happened to Joe, but I’m so glad for that moment when Mandy inserted herself in to my life.

Fast forward a decade and here we are with job, bills, and babies. When Mandy came over the other day, I couldn’t resist trying the Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeover technique on her. Ever my willing model (seriously, I was an art student and this girl was subject to my every whim), she sat patiently while her cute little baby smashed/ate an orange.

1. Start with clean, bare skin and a willing model. This is her excited face, I promise.


2. Foundation, corrector, highlighter, and powder.


3. Blush, bronzer.


4. Sweep vanilla shadow over the lid, add taupe to lash line.


5. Double line eyes in black and violet, staying close to the lash. Line lower lash with powder.


6. Finish with natural gloss. 


7. Appreciate the beauty that comes with experience, love, family, friends, and babies.


8. Now go get your baby. She made a mess.


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