Makeover Inspired by Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson

Bobbi Brown is synonymous with natural, bare-faced makeup that looks fresh, glowing, and timeless. Expect to see perfectly polished, glowing skin, nudes, and pinks.

The Bobbi Brown website recently posted this video, Bobbi’s Ultimate Makeup Lesson (Lesson 1).  After trying it on myself, I gave it whirl on my personal Guinea pig sister.

It’s an amazing, natural approach to beauty. It’s also a shit load of makeup. In order to look like you’re not wearing makeup.

This is my attempt to follow the steps outline by Bobbi, on my own willing model. Disclosure: I did not use Bobbi Brown Products exclusively, but rather attempted to put together a makeup look based on the techniques and tones used in the video.

Prep skin with moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and finishing powder. Highlight with illuminating concealer. Ignore the fact that this alone may be more makeup than you ever wear. It’s not easy being perfect.


Apply bronzer to forehead, top of cheeks, chin, and neck. Glow, baby, glow. Apply blush to apples of cheeks, sweeping upward. Blend. Admire your skin for a minute. It looks damn good.


Now for eyes. Fill brows with powder. Refine with brow pencil.


Sweep vanilla (or skin-tone appropriate shade) over entire eyelid. Smudge taupe/bronze across upper lid. Line lower lid with mid-tone neutral.


Tight line with Black Liner  (tight line = very close to the lash). Line again with another color. Repetitive? Maybe. Striking? Yes.

Apply Black mascara. Twice. As in, use 2 different formulas. Doesn’t everybody?

Find your most natural lip color. With a drawer full of reds and hot pinks, this is as close as I get to natural. 


Smile! You’re glowing! So pretty!


When people compliment you, smile demurely 

Act like you woke up like this.


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