Review of Boscia Black Magic

In honor of skin care month, I used up a few hundred beauty insider points and snagged up the deluxe sample set of Boscia Pore Purifying Black Magic from Sephora. I sampled the cleanser, mask, and moisturizer. I have yet to try the pore strip. Obviously I haven’t used the product long enough to determine effectiveness, but here are my first impressions:

Detoxifying Black Cleanser: A very thick, gel-like formula, this cleanser was a unique product experience. I felt like I needed more product than usual, as the thick texture made it harder to spread around my face. It had a pleasant warming sensation, and rinsed off well with the aid of a wash cloth. Overall, a novel experience, but I probably would not buy it due to it’s lack of any real anti-acne or anti-agng ingredients. Also, $28 for 5 ounces seems a little absurd.

Luminizing Black Mask: A quick image search of this mask will result in many giggle-inducing images of women wearing this tar-black mask. It’s super thick and I used at least half of the sample just for one application. Naturally, I took several selfies and sent them to my sister. Regarding the texture – remember the black sludge in “Ferngully” (kind of terrible, early-90’s cartoon about fairies)? It was exactly like that.

I have to admit, I was delighted when I saw this was a peel-off mask. Who doesn’t love the experience of peeling a huge sheet of “skin” off their face? After the required 30 minutes, I attempted to peel the product off my skin, only to discover that some areas were still too thin to peel. So instead of an awesome rubbery-version of my face, it came off in small strips. I watched carefully as the peel came off, hoping to see pore-gunk popping off my face. Alas, I watched some dry skin and more hair than I care to admit come off with the mask.

This is where it gets ugly. I leaned in to my magnifying mirror only to see that the mask had somewhat stuck to an oily area on my chin, highlighting every pore with a black dot.  Of course I picked at this area for longer than I should have.

The next morning, my skin was softer than usual, so I would say it was effective. Again, $38 for 3 ounces seems pretty nuts (coming from someone who owns $35 lipsticks- this says a lot).

Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel: Much lighter in texture than it’s counterparts, this lightweight moisturizer goes on sheer, is comfortable in texture, and has a slight cooling effect. It was nice as a nighttime treatment, but lacks SPF for daytime. I tried it under my foundation anyway and found it was a little shiny by noon.

I am aware that this next part sounds a little crazy, but I’ll say it anyway. I just can’t get behind putting a black tinted product on my face without believing it won’t make my skin look less luminous. That color has to go somewhere and I’m afraid that place will be my pores. Rational? Probably not. Going to buy it? Probably not.

Like the other items in this line, it’s really fucking expensive. $38 for an ounce?! Give me a break.

Bottom Line: Overall, the line was an enjoyable product experience. The tactile nature of the products, combined with the heating/cooling effects made for a nice at-home spa night. But I’m not convinced these products contain true, good-for-skin ingredients. Combined with the fact that they give you less product than the competitors means I would pass on the Black Magic line.

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