THIS is how I celebrate skin care month.

“What is skin care month?,” you may be asking. Skin care month is a marketing ploy designed by cosmetic companies designed to get you to buy shit in January. See, you don’t need glamorous makeup now that the holidays are over. Buying yourself a beautiful eyeshadow pallet after maxing your cards at Christmas seems so self indulgent.

But skin care? Oh, skin care is different. Skin care is taking care of your health, which is never indulgent. Unveil a beautiful, radiant, new you this New Year. Oh yeah, and your skin looks like shit due to the weather (and your sales girl knows it).

Am I mad that cosmetic companies come up with clever ploys to get me to buy stuff?

Not at all.

I fucking love skin care month in all it’s box-set glory. Looking to try a new cleanser? How about one that comes with 4 deluxe size samples? Love that almost-empty serum? Look for limited edition super sized products this month. Got a few hundred Sephora points? Snatch up one of two skin care sets AND a bag of free samples.

Heres my $38 Sephora haul, plus a couple of birch box items:


See what I mean? Now go on and put your best (clean, moisturized, wrinkle-free) face out there!

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