Well hot damn, this might make me want to shave my legs more often.

It’s no secret that I’m a hater on shaving my legs, especially when no one can see them. I’ve been known to go months at a time, just to see how furry they can get. It didn’t start this way, but after years of suffering from red, burning, itching skin, I determined that shaving products and my skin just don’t agree.

It’s not for lack of trying, either. I’ve tried every sensitive skin shave cream/foam/wash, coconut oil, almond oil, conditioner, shampoo, body wash, bar soap, and fancy razors. Nothing seems to prevent the red, itchy patches.

Last week, I ran out of my least-itchy shaving cream, “Unscented” by Art of Shaving but was struggling to shell out another 25 dollars for a cream that was a little stinky and only slightly less irritating than the others.

So when I saw another beauty blogger mention Evolution of Smooth (eos) for only $3.49, I was like, shit yeah! I scampered out to my local CVS and snatched up a bottle in “Vanilla Bliss,” since “It won’t burn like hell” wasn’t an option.

Guys, I gotta tell you, it’s good. Goes on like a thick lotion, no lather, and washes off clean. My legs are smooth, comfortable, and (best of all), not itchy!

Bonus- frequently after I shave, I still have little “scales” on my legs of dry skin that have been lifted up by the razor. With eos, my legs felt moisturized and scale-free.

Will this convince me to shave my underarms? Stay tuned to find out!

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  1. dolledupbyj says:

    I LOVE this brand! Must try this.

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