Oh My God. I can see everything.

It recently dawned on me that I should really get a proper makeup mirror instead of the chipped, antique hand mirror that currently resides in my bathroom. I also realized that a light up mirror would mean I could do my makeup somewhere other than the bathroom (at 6 am. In the dark.)

Why don’t I want to do my makeup in the bathroom like a normal person? Because the light seeps under the door and wakes up the demon two year old.

So I snooped around the internet and came across the Simple Human Sensor 5x magnification mirror (free standing and wall mount options). I slapped it on my Christmas list, crossed my fingers, and waited.

Meanwhile, my Father-in-Law and Sister-in-Law go shopping to pick up my mirror. On the way into Bed Bath and Beyond, he’s trying to figure out “Why in the hell does she want this goddamn $200 makeup mirror?”. 

They get to the display of mirrors. He leans in to the Simple Human and it lights up automatically. “Oh, this is cool,” he says. He peers in “Oh my God. I can see everything.” 



This is hands-down the best at home makeup mirror I’ve ever seen. But a word of caution- don’t even think about looking in this thing for the first time without a pair of tweezers, because you’re going to see some things you don’t like. In fact, if you have OCD, don’t ever go near this mirror.

As far as application goes, I can literally apply my makeup in the dark, and then go into broad sunlight and have perfect application. I actually notice that I use a little less makeup, with strategic concealer, because heavy makeup is very visible in the “natural spectrum” LED. I do have to be careful with my brows, however. Getting too close to a mirror leaves them a little harsh looking. So back up for that.

So why do I need a $200 makeup mirror? Because I can see everything. Including my chin hairs.

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