Got dry lips? Meet your new best friend.

In the past few years, lip products have really upped their game. Women who used to be die hard lipstick or gloss fans have found that they no longer have to choose- todays formulas are innovative hybrids of their ancestors. YSL is no stranger to this lipstick evolution- their glossy stain took my breath away last summer. And now the powerhouse is at it again.

Introducing YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil.

IMG_1661 IMG_1665

This little baby is like nothing you’ve ever put on your lips. Silky and smooth, the oil glides on clear initially, and brightens after a few seconds. Lips feel slippery, and cushioned, but not sticky or thick. It’s an incredibly gratifying texture.

The color I tried is called “Cherie my Cherry,” and although I was disappointed that it wasn’t a true cherry red, it’s a really pretty cherry blossom pink. Swatches below show the product after it’s had a few seconds to cure.


As for the wear, it starts as a high shine, and sinks into to a satin finish stain over about 4 hours. Even after eating, the stain remains (but lighter than initial application). Here it is right after application:

IMG_1725 copy

So far, this one tops my list for winter makeup. It gives great moisture with enough color to brighten my pale ass face without being too “made up”. Looking to up your lipstick game? Give it a try.

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  1. Aiko Eliot says:

    I love moisturising stains and Revlon has loads of them if you were interested in a drugstore brand 🙂 xx

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