Bold and Beautiful: NARS Audacious Lipstick Review

Nars Audacious

What it is: The newest lipstick formula by NARS, Audacious is a highly pigmented lipstick that delivers single stroke coverage.

My Thoughts: Audacious lipstick is one that I like, but don’t really love (even though I want to). On the positive side, it is truly a high pigment lip product. You can easily achieve full coverage with one firm stroke. Also, the color is build able- I like to dab a little over moisturized lips and blend outwards for a stain effect. Finally, the color range is really beautiful (although I couldn’t find a cool toned red). On the negative side, it’s not as smooth of a formula as I’d like it be. In fact, it has the slightest amount of grit, making it feel a little rough. Also, it’s not hydrating, and can be drying without a balm layered underneath (which affects the staying power).

Overall, this one continues to live in my makeup bag because the shade is a gorgeous deep magenta- perfect for fall. Layered over a balm, I can achieve the finish and effect that I like, so it’s worth keeping.

Bottom Line: If you see a color you love in this line, it’s worth a look. But I wouldn’t build an entire collection from this formula.

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