Love shouldn’t be this hard: Review of OCC Lip Tar

Lip Tar

What it is: A highly pigmented lipstick in liquid form.

What it does:  A very concentrated liquid lipstick that promises to moisturize, deliver high-impact color, and last for hours.

My Thoughts: According to a certain set of makeup lovers, this item has a cult following. Not wanting to miss out on a great product, I picked up a couple of shades at Sephora. I was really expecting great things from OCC considering it promises to be all that I love – high pigment, long lasting, and moisturizing. Despite multiple attempts, youtube videos, and web tutorials, I just couldn’t make it work. Let’s break it down, shall we?

High Pigment: No complaints here. You can see this stuff from space. I use half a sesame seed size and attain full coverage. This is not for beginners as it requires a steady hand and some patience to achieve perfect edges and even color.

Long Lasting: I was seriously disappointed in the staying power of Lip Tar. I’ve tried multiple methods of application (lip brush, fingertip, powder set, and layering with gloss) yet it always wears off unevenly. It either leaves a ring around my lips or flakes off. Speaking of flakes:

Moisturizing: This stuff dried the ever living what out of my lips. Layering it over balm left product on my teeth (at a rehearsal dinner, no less). I purchased the primer that is supposed to go under the product (I resent having to purchase another product to make the first one work) only to find that it made the product feather, or still left my lips dry.

At the end of the day, I now have 4 OCC Lip Tar products floating around in my makeup drawer. While I appreciate the idea behind the product, (customizable, mixable, vegan, and full color range) it’s just too difficult to be a staple in my regular makeup routine.

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