Quick Take: Review of Dr. Jart Dis-a-pore Beauty Balm

What it is: A beauty balm (i.e. foundation with benefits) by Dr. Jart, designed for oily/combination skin that promises to diminish the appearance of pores. The product claims that it can be used alone or under foundation.

What it does: Use in place of moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen, and concealer.

My Review: At first swipe, this tinted moisturizer goes on with a mousse-like texture. It is full coverage and not for a make-up free look. On the plus side, it does what it says- it erases pores due to the heavy, yet blend able formula. I could see someone with serious acne appreciating this product. Also, it lasts all day. After 8 hours of wear, it was still flawlessly in place. On the negative side, it does not have a natural appearance and I felt “made up”- which says a lot for me. Also, it’s not moisturizing enough for me and would need a separate product to keep my skin feeling comfortable.

Also, a huge flaw is that this product only comes in one “universal” shade. And by universal, I mean “fair-skinned white people.” For that reason alone, I kind of think Dr. Jart is a dick.

Bottom Line: Meh. Probably skip it unless you need some serious coverage and are going for the full-face makeup look.

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