I do it upside down, and you should too.

I’m talking, of course, about washing my hair.  Ever wonder why the under layer of your hair is all healthy and shiny, while the top-most section looks dry and unruly? It might be how you are washing your mane.

Let’s get in the shower together for a minute, OK? Are you with me? Good. Now, start washing your hair. Did you just tip your head back and rub shampoo all over your noggin? And then you scrubbed for a minute, and rinsed?

There it was. Did you see it?

When you wash your hair the conventional way, you are applying product to the wrong section of your hair. Your hair does not need to be washed, your scalp does. Yet, if you stand upright, push your hair back, and lather, you’ve just shampooed the hair that lays all around the front and top of your head, creating unnecessary dryness on the very section that is most visible. What’s more, you are fighting to get product to your scalp through all your hair.

Ready to shower again?

This time, bend forward at the waist and let your hair fall away from your scalp. Now, apply product to your fingertips and slide them under the hair, right onto the scalp. I add a little product to the front, back, and sides- reloading as needed. Now, scrub just your scalp with shampoo. The rest of your hair will get clean from the run-off.

You can flip back over to rinse.

While we’re on the topic, conditioner should be done upside down as well. Again, if you apply it to the top of your head, you’re weighing the hair down, and adding moisture back to the scalp (where you just cleansed). Instead, flip over and run the conditioner through the ends, working your way up. This way, the driest part of your hair gets what it needs, without weighing down the root.

If all of this feels familiar, you can thank your hair stylist. Ever notice what happens when they wash your hair in a bowl? All your hair falls away from the scalp and you get a proper shampooing.

You’re welcome. Now go get naked.

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