Are expensive blow dryers worth the money?

I recently dropped $200 on a fancy blowdryer after reading no less than 30 reviews. Sephora has an amazeballs return policy, and I figured I could just return it if it didn’t live up to the hype.

Review: T3 Featherweight 2 Blowdryer and T3 Diffuser (sold separately)

What it is: A professional hair dryer that uses tourmaline and ceramic components with an AC motor to deliver serious shine and cut down dry time. If you want to know more about dryer components, click here.

What is does: According to the T3 website, this dryer will reduce frizz, and increase body, shine, comb-ability, and style retention.

Why I picked it: I came across a few enlightening articles over at The Beauty Department that highlighted the importance of using the right blowdryer for your hair type along with a round up of top selections. The T3 Featherweight 2 had everything I needed to dry my curly hair quickly and gently. It was one of the few on the market that suited my needs despite the hefty price tag. There was also a cheaper model made by Conair, but I passed on the suspicion it might be like all the other drug store dryers I’ve tried.

The product comparison: In the name of science, I dried my hair with my old blowdryer to 100% dry (which I never do) to see how long it took. I spent 5 min on high, then 12 min on low for a total of 17 MINUTES to fully dry hair. No wonder I never dry my hair all the way.

A few days later, I tested the T3. I ran it on high for 1.5 min and switched to low for 3.5 min for a total time of 5 MINUTES. Go back and read that again. IT CUT 12 MINUTES OFF MY DRY TIME!!!

As far as the condition of my hair, it was soft, shiny, and healthy looking.

Bottom Line: Yes, the right blowdryer can make all the difference.

The nitty-gritty: With great power, comes great responsibility. Now just because I can dry my hair in 5 minutes doesn’t mean I do. Drying curly hair with too much “blast” can break up the curl formation and leave hair fluffy. Instead, I dry it gently on low for 7 minutes.

Also, some of the reviews on this item discuss problems with the motor. I have 2 thoughts on that: 1. Don’t buy it on Amazon- they’re not an authorized dealer and I’m not sure if you’re getting the real deal. 2. Buy it from somewhere with a great return policy and have peace of mind that you can return it if you have to.

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