It’s not you, it’s me: Living Proof PhD

I was first introduced “Living Proof” on a trip to Ulta, in search of the perfect curly-hair product. I’m a religious follower of the “Curly Girl Method” which often translates to me combing the hair aisle reading labels for upwards of 30 minutes. Making sure products don’t contain sulfates and silicone is serious work, guys. 

Anyway, the sales girl directed me to the new “Living Proof” display and told me it was Jennifer Aniston’s new hair care line. I looked at her and said “What the fuck does Jennifer Aniston know about hair care? Doesn’t she have people for that?” 

Promo image from Living Proof website.

Fast forward a few months and a sample of Living Proof PhD found it’s way into my bag. I did a little reading on the company and discovered Jennifer Aniston has people. Also, she’s just the face of the company- the real magic comes from a team of non-beauty industry scientists at MIT who were up to the challenge of creating something really different in the hair care market. Suddenly, I was really interested. Why?

The majority of hair care products are made from the same ingredients. Yep. Doesn’t matter if its $6.00 or $26.00, most hair care products contain the same ingredients, formulated slightly differently and repackaged. 

“Living Proof” promises to be different. According the website, they’ve developed molecules that will make my hair behave like never before- in a good way. Also, the products are sulfate and silicone free, which mean no more reading fine print for me!

Image courtesy

The Process: I co-washed my hair as usual, and applied a nickel-size amount of this cream to my hair. I also used my regular leave-in and gel, but in lesser amounts to factor in the added product. I plopped and diffused as usual.

The Result: Holy-effing-monkeys, my curls were popping! My hair was full, soft, shiny, and much less frizzy. I actually saw curl in areas where I had given up hope. We’re talking perfect, 1-2 inch diameter curls here. I probably admired my hair for a solid 3 minutes.

And then came the fall.

As the hours wore on, my hair started to sink and lost most of the volume. It looked heavy, felt a little lotion-y, and started to frizz.

The next day, my hair was shiny and soft, but not as curly and voluminous as the day before.

I tried the product once more with just mousse, and got better results. But still, it’s a little heavy for my curls. I will say that my hair was significantly less frizzy with this product. 

I want to love this product, but it’s just not right for my hair. To be fair, it’s not marketed for curls specifically. I think it might be perfect for someone with thick hair looking for a great blow-out product. If anyone has tried it for this purpose, let me know in the comments. 

Bottom Line: It’s not you, it’s me (maybe).

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