Review: Sugar Lip Service by fresh

Sugar Lip Service, by fresh is a mini set of “pout-perfectors” that promise to polish, nourish, and protect lips. I’ve had my eye on Fresh products for some time now, admiring the displays and beautiful rose color packaging. This kit contains minis of the sugar lip polish, sugar lip treatment advanced therapy, and two tinted lip treatments (spf 15).

First Impression: I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and fresh delivers. A beautiful rose and gold tonal package houses each product in a way that is easy to see what you’re buying.


The Rundown 

Sugar Lip Polish: According to Sephora, this lip polish promises to smooth away rough skin and leave my smackers irresistibly smooth. It has a gritty, brown sugary appearance, and a divine, lemony-sweet smell. Watch out – a little dab is all you need and too much will result in getting this stuff in your mouth (it doesn’t taste as good as it smells). It definitely has enough grit to feel like you are getting something done when you massage it in. The product has a nice emollient feel to it, and the sugar dissipates after vigorous rubbing. When I rinsed it off, I noticed I still had some scraggly skin, so I used it again. After two rounds, my lip feel smoother, but not amazing.


Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy: The fresh website claims that this product will “boost moisture, enhance volume, and improve the definition of the lip area.” I’m intrigued.  The produce glides on easily, has none of the grit or waxiness of other lip treatments and has a fantastic, silky texture. It smells the same as the lip polish, and has no taste. Also, the package requires a twist to open the lid- which means my two year old can’t break into it, nor will it pop off in my purse. As for the claims, I see no difference in the volume or definition of my lips other than maybe whats happens when they are moisturized. The product takes a while to sink in, which meant I wanted to wipe it off before eating due to the buttery feeling on my lips.


Sugar Tulip Tinted Lip Treatment in TULIP and ROSÈ: The formula on these hydrating tinted lip balms feels just as rich and hydrating as the Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy. I love that these are formulated with an SPF, however, beautypedia claims the SPF isn’t going to do much for me. These are sheer enough in color to wear to the park or beach without looking like you tried, but contain enough pigment to leave a tint on your lips. The color is build-able, as noted in the swatches below. The product is not long-lasting (to be fair, fresh makes no claims about the wear) and it seemed to wear off in about an hour.


A note about the color: Neither of these items really appear the same on my skin as in the tube. In addition, the color descriptors weren’t super accurate. ROSÈ is the lower three swatches, with one swipe, two swipes, and three swipes to show the build-ability (it’s not much). TULIP is pictured in the top three swatches, using the same swipe method. While I like TULIP better, it’s a little too pink (with cool undertones) for my taste. If you love bright pinks, but want to play it down a little, this is the shade for you. ROSÈ, on the other hand, was so sheer that it was barely visible on my lips.  Personally, neither was the perfect color for me, but the formula is good enough to warrant a trip to Sephora for a serious color sampling session.


The Last Word

At $22 per 0.6 oz (for the full size), I’d probably skip the lip polish and scrub my lips with sugar and olive oil. As far as the lip treatments go, it’s all preference. If you’re in the market for a seriously hydrating lip balm, and don’t want color, try the lip treatment. I should mention that the more times I wear it, the less I like it- I don’t care for the slippery texture that doesn’t sink in.

As for the tinted balms, I’m not in love. For $22.50, I want something more. I would expect a longer lasting product that stains the lips and maintains moisture without the need to re-apply all day.

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